Wellbeing Magazine feature at the Intersection of Science and Spirit with Dr. Kaushik Ram

In a recent interview with Wellbeing Magazine’s Lolita Walters I talk about the brain-body connection at the intersection of science and spirit.

As a Neuroscientist, I have gone against the grain to develop my frameworks from scratch to not only satisfy the intellect but speaks deeply to our soul. I do this with respect to the boundaries of science as intellect prevents us from inventing an explanation for what we cannot understand. To do so would be an impossible leap – a common fallacy in the Wellbeing Industry.

Early in my career, I was horrified to discover that the human cerebral cortex, despite being evolutionary recent, is at the mercy of our autonomic nervous system.

I later learnt that this is not a design flaw!

By taking advantage of Precognitive process, the nervous system gains the ability to respond moment-to-moment rather than preparation or guess work that leads to procrastination or overwhelm.

When the nervous system is trained instinctually, it is characterised by extraordinary physiological capabilities accompanied by precision motor control and cognitive performance when confronted by adverse conditions or strong emotions such as fear.  

Doctors are not instructed to provide training let alone – education to patients as this would overwhelm the current operational model.

I want to see the post-medical revolution where individuals are self-empowered with medical education and instinctual-literacy rather than the reliance on a flawed system of short-term medical interventions, especially for preventable medical conditions such as depression, anxiety and the associated comorbidity including eating disorders, autoimmune conditions and heart disease.   

You can read the full article in the Print Issue of Wellbeing Magazine – issue 208!

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