Hidden World: The Inside Story of the Soul


The Hidden World book speaks to the heart in ways that the mind is unable to comprehend. Spellbound by the language of love, readers journey through the subconscious barriers that protect us from love.

When the paralysing grip of fear fails to protect us, love does. Only then, do we find the courage to desire that which we have been conditioned not to. We realise that the human soul is not simply an evolutionary experiment in survival. Instead, we are here to experience the innate desire of the heart to create.

Dr. Kaushik Ram’s mix of fictional case-studies shared in folklore format rewards us with a new reality. Learn what lies beyond conventional approaches to mind and body, and discover how magic appears in moments we never thought we'd imagine.

The Adventures of K-MAN the Explorer

Kaushik Ram

Set off on a wildly exciting adventure as K-MAN moves from the Pacific Islands to school in a new country.

Who can K-MAN trust? And what about the bully Big-E? The real adventure begins when K-MAN accidentally becomes friends with Big-E.

Does this spell disaster for K-MAN or is there a solution that not only unites enemies, but builds bonds across countries?

 Proceeding from every copy sold goes to A Sound Life Charity that provides support for terminally-ill kids in hospitals and underprivileged communities - minus printing, shipping and handling.