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Dr. Kaushik Ram is a neuroscientist, author and inventor of the Precognition Method, formulated from a decade of study into the optimal performance of the brain and nervous system. His career defining invention shows you how to biologically modulate the rhythms of the heart to release stress, overwhelm and anxiety instead of relentlessly attempting to calm the racing mind.

Dr. Ram is on a mission to transform the lives of 500 Million people worldwide who are affected by mental, neurological or behavioural conditions using the latest in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) research to naturally restore the nervous system without medication, meditation, positive psychology or complicated belief systems.

His evidence-based research has been applied to leadership programs for organisations including ASX, Microsoft and federal government departments. He spoke at the inaugural 2022 TEDx Sydney Conscious Leadership event in collaboration with LinkedIn. He has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries and is the author of Hidden World, a book that helps us overcome the paralysing grip of fear and rewards us with a new reality where we lead from the heart.

Previously based at Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney, Dr. Ram was the project lead for the implementation of AI in clinical workflow. He was responsible for the successful design and deployment of the MS Federated Imaging Repository (MSBIR) - an AI-assisted Neuroinfomatics Platform for 75,000 multiple sclerosis patients. Dr. Kaushik Ram completed his PhD in Neuroimaging Connectomics at the Department of Psychiatry, Westmead Hospital investigating Neuroimaging biomarkers that are genetically upstream to cognitive processes and neuropsychiatric conditions.

Dr. Ram now employ his novel, yet simple and effective methods to help individuals and corporate teams suffering from performance addiction (common in high achievers), burnout, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression.

Contact Dr. Ram to discover how you can strengthen your nervous system and train the intelligence of the heart to thrive in moments of rapid change, uncertainty and ambiguity.

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Train your nervous system was selected as one of the winning concepts at the 2018 TEDx Sydney Pitch. Subsequently, Dr. Kaushik Ram spoke at the 2022 TEDx Sydney Conscious Leadership event in collaboration with LinkedIn at the Sydney Opera House.

Kaushik Ram

This multi-award winning documentary Make Me A Leader featured Dr. Ram and his disruptive insights into stress-management and managing your nervous system.


As seen by audiences at About My Brain's VIVID SYDNEY Event.


Dr. Kaushik Ram has been featured alongside Dr. Bruce Lipton in this revolutionary documentary, which covers the impact of yoga on mental health.


The concept of Hidden World and its journey to publication are a fascinating story, and reflect Dr Kaushik’s combined passion for the development of both science and spirit.

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