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Dr Kaushik Ram is a visionary Neuroscientist and inventor of the Precognition Method designed to biologically unlock the intelligence of the heart, this is the missing link that restores connection between brain and body.

Previously based at Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney, Dr. Ram was the project lead for Neuroinfomatics and the implementation of AI in clinical workflow. Dr. Kaushik Ram has had a long-term fascination with the way body, brain and mind interact. He understood early in his career that our automatic, hard-wired reactions designed to protect us, weren’t always serving us. Rather, he found that these mechanisms were compromising our biological intelligence and higher thinking.

This led him to formulate effective ways to integrate physical, emotional and mental systems of the body and bring them into balance. The result is that we are able to use our nervous system to train the intelligence of the heart and operate with our higher faculties instead of fear.

In collaboration with TEDx Sydney and on many other platforms, Dr. Ram’s industry-leading techniques are changing the way we interpret information from intuition and instinct, to reduce stress and find clarity in difficult situations.

Many of us try meditation and yoga, but we aren’t taught how to manage our own nervous system. It is this part of our body which is the real solution over our stress and anxiety levels by regulating the rhythms of the heart. Dr. Ram is employing novel, yet simple and effective techniques to help individuals who are suffering from performance addiction (common in high achievers), burnout, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression and restore the body's natural way of healing.

Experienced and articulate  Dr. Ram also works with high-performing individuals, groups and corporate teams, Dr. Ram is an elite thinker and teacher, sharing techniques to manage stress and fear by training the nervous system instead of relentlessly attempting to calm the brain.

Contact Dr. Ram to discover how you can strengthen your nervous system and train the intelligence of the heart to overcome debilitating patterns of worry, anxiety and the distressing mental and physical conditions they trigger.

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Train your nervous system was selected as one of the winning concepts at the 2018 TEDx Sydney Pitch in the Sydney Opera House

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This multi-award winning documentary Make Me A Leader featured Dr. Ram and his disruptive insights into stress-management and managing your nervous system.


As seen by audiences at About My Brain's VIVID SYDNEY Event.



Dr. Kaushik Ram has been featured alongside Dr. Bruce Lipton in this revolutionary documentary, which covers the impact of yoga on mental health.


The concept of Hidden World and its journey to publication are a fascinating story, and reflect Dr Kaushik’s combined passion for the development of both science and spirit.

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