Precognition Method

6-week Mentorship Program

Precognition Method


The Precognition Method is a precision program that combines the latest in neuroscience and HRV research to accelerate behaviour change without medication, meditation, positive psychology or complicated belief systems!


Precognition is an innate ability of the heart yet this ability remains inaccessible to most due to:
  1. The mind being highly analytical and we rely heavily on our thinking to compensate for the lack of connection with our own hearts.
  2. When we did open our heart's, we got hurt so we checked out from our body and lost trust in our heart.
  3. Have been manipulated by a culture built on hype, hustle and commodified dreams
Dr. Kaushik Ram has dedicated the last 12 years teaching how to restore the connection between the brain and body using the rhythms of the heart. He is the inventor of the Precognition Method - a precision program that combines that latest in neuroscience and HRV research to accelerate behaviour change necessary to expedite your vision. 

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Heart Rate Coherence

The connection between brain and body can be measured and is known as vagal tone. Precognition is dependent on the strength of this brain-body connection

Nervous System Training

We use stress inoculation and fear conditioning exercises to prepare the nervous system to manage stressors in realtime and internally boosts confidence, courage and creativity 


The moment-to-moment responsiveness of the heart allows your to overcome cognitive-deficits and respond rapidly to change with clarity and precision, enhancing the ability of the brain to process complexity and ambiguity in realtime.


Who is this for?


The Precognition method is a Premium 6-week program designed for:

  1. Impact driven executives, entrepreneurs and investors looking for stress management and performance techniques that are effective and rapidly integrates into their preexisting lifestyle with life-altering benefits.

  2. Health and performance facilitators looking to up-skill in the latest neuroscience based training. 

  3. People looking beyond conventional success metrics and want to build something other than a mass-produced dream

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

Program details

  • Week 1 - Introduction

    Introduction to the Program
    How the Precognition Method works
    Brain economy and theory of self-similarity

  • Week 2 - Personalised Psychology

    Decoding your Psychological Profile
    Personal coping mechanisms and how to disarm them
    Brain, Body and Behavioural integrity 

  • Week 3 - Heart Rate Coherence

    Neuroscience of the heart
    The anatomy of Love
    The 3 Non-negotiables

  • Week 4 - Nervous System Training

    Biology of Breath
    Body audit exercise
    Vagal tone exercises to navigate stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Week 5 - Precognition Method

    How your heart influences what you feel, pay attention to and choose
    The Precognition Method
    Cognitive loading and how to outsource thinking to the subconscious

  • Week 6 - Precognition in Action

    Naturally evoke Confidence, Courage and Creativity
    Debrief and Integration Process
    90-day Action Plan


Precognition drives the inextricable alignment of events that happen with a precision that you will not be able to recreate, even if you planned it.

Scientifically Proven Practices

Flexible learning entirely online 

Lifetime benefits


Having read your book (Hidden World), I already knew that I was in for something special and you definitely did not disappoint 

~ Kerry

Precognition Method

It does not matter what measure of success you have, it is your response to this moment that matters the most. 


It is just an amazing event to sit and listen and learn so much 

~ Brigit


Your Facilitator

Dr. Kaushik Ram is an internationally published Author recognised for his pioneering work on the nervous system

  • Dr. Kaushik Ram is the inventor of the Precognition Method designed to overcome cognitive-deficits and rapidly respond to change with clarity and precision
  • Dr. Kaushik Ram's Nervous System program won the 2018 TEDx Sydney Pitch and he spoke at the 2022 TEDx Sydney Conscious Leadership event in collaboration with LinkedIn at the Sydney Opera House
  • Previously based at Sydney University's Brain and Mind Institute, Dr. Ram was the project lead for Neuroinfomatics and the implementation of AI in clinical workflow
  • Dr. Kaushik Ram has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries
  • His Precognition Method has been applied in Award Winning leadership programs in partnership with the About My Brain Institute
  • He has presented talks and workshops in five countries, including Australia, USA, Argentina, Thailand and Indonesia

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