Equation of Love [Official Music video]

By Kaushik Ram | February 14, 2021

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d be a Doctor and a Rockstar. This is a story all about how my first music video came about! Lyrics Imma lover.. a Valentino Incarnated in this earth on tha 14th…Hero Imma lover…..Crem delle creme….primo A rising in Leo Love mind body soul trio…… I added…

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Conquer your emotions

By Kaushik Ram | January 31, 2021

The first episode of my youtube series Primal Heart is out now. On this channel I feature exceptional individuals who put me to the test in their own area of expertise. I wasn’t satisfied in simply sharing stories, as the saying goes – “you can’t judge a man until you walk a mile in their…

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7 ways to stimulate the power of the vagus nerve

By Kaushik Ram | April 23, 2020

It was 2013, I was 29 years old and in peak physical shape. I had a regular meditation practice and I had been doing yoga without fail every morning for the last 3 years. You may think that I am about to mention that something bad happened. It didn’t. It just got better. Let me…

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5 things I learned traveling Africa Overland

By Kaushik Ram | January 15, 2020

Africa is a huge continent and it is often difficult to decide which countries to travel to, what is the best time and how you would like to travel. After many months of research, I decided to travel Africa overland. There was one problem however – Africa has a mind of it’s own. Here are…

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How to circuit-break the nervous system to release pain

By Kaushik Ram | November 3, 2019

We do everything we shouldn’t to manage pain. It does not matter if the pain is physical or emotional, the nervous system treats it all the same. Pain is inevitable but instead of showing us how to work with pain, we are instead shown a world of rainbows and unicorns – a Fairytale that does…

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How we make long and short term decisions

By Kaushik Ram | October 27, 2019

The paradox is that we are hardwired to make poor decisions when we need it the most. The more significant the decision, the more anxiety we have around it and the more likely we are to make short sighted choices. The key to decision making is not thinking it through rationally, because your ability to…

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