End of an Affair

There was no tragedy, only the unavoidable. Why then, during all this time do I beseech?

The question conflicts with the mind. The answer appears without it.

You only know yourself when you go beyond your limits. In a fraction of a second, you can become noone. And this being something new, can lead to an adventure with everything you ever dreamed of.

Why then do they make things so complicated?

The indivisible universe is fragmented by perception. Everything that we ever saw, touched, heard, felt, each thought, emotion, memory and action that has ever existed has occurred through networks of electrical discharges in self-aware ensembles. These realities, regardless of whether artificial or biological would lead us to believe the contents of the mind.

Google’s artificial neural network generates an endless stream of impressions – “dreaming” patterns out of white noise. However artificial intelligence does not die in pursuit of love, happiness, financial freedom, childhood dreams, intellectual growth and health.

Incongruence in our realities for example, emotions conflicting with rationality create physical imprints in the body – the genesis of disease. Science whether it be Eastern or Western, willingly offers the panacea to the fallacy of disease. Mere “software updates” on neural ensembles trying to make sense of the dissonance of perception. Bug fixes in the physical plane include bodywork, acupuncture, massage and other body based modalities. The mental plane includes emotions and intellect treated through psychologist, psychiatrist and counselors. The spirit plane includes religions and non-religious spiritual subscriptions, life coaching and self-help tools. The promise of healing from the illusion of symptoms.

The manifestation of disease is apparent in our autonomic processes – heart rate, breathing, digestion, thermoregulation and immune system. The autonomic nervous system elicits the sympathetic (fight/flight) and parasympathetic (rest/digest) in responses to our perceived realities. However, when we are unwary of the obsessions of the head, we block the channels of communication from the body to the brain.In the video below, I explain how the vagus nerve (via the brainstem) is prolifically connected to the rest of the brain and the crucial role of autonomic information to autocorrect the rest of the networks to sync up and work cooperatively.

In my path of service, I have witnessed countless sessions where the client experiences the parasympathetic state for the first time. So often the body fights against the lack of harmony while we stick to behaviors that we have known all our lives. At the client’s own will, I push them in the direction of their freedom until there is nothing left to impede their flow. Ending the intoxicating affair we have with our minds.

There is nothing to cure but simply miracles of the moment, as we discover the world together.

In this state of “true” rest, the physical imprints trapped in the body are released, sometimes through tears, sometimes through involuntary spasms and sometimes vanquished through visceral massage. The release of trauma, emotional wounds and psychological scars leaves behind a bottomless void for an avalanche of fresh consciousness to takes it’s place. The person awakens, no longer a prisoner of mind. The weight of emotion lifted. Equanimous to the pain we collectively inflict on to our precious Earth. The heart surrendered, refusing to flee from love. The body Alive, to continue the journey.

How can one return to daily life after such an experience?

The parasympathetic state is not simply an “on/off” switch to prevent the stomach and the mind from churning. There are no tragedies, only the unavoidable. Life continues to teach the lessons we refuse to learn. Sacred lessons, lessons of pleasure, lessons of pain, lessons with explanations or without. Until the lesson is not a lesson, but something to go beyond. We discover something we didn’t know of yet. The door into a different state, implacable in it’s purity. With the world no longer in our control, our senses break free, explicable in its communion with the world. The mysterious connection returned forever to this moment.

The noticeable change in the eyes brings completely different light to Intention, no longer mislead by the temptations of desire. Our only hope becomes certainty. Think of the really important questions in your life. Perhaps this was the plan all along.

I never really cared for the things of this world.

It was the glow of your presence

that filled it with beauty.


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