Train your nervous system to Sync Brain and Body

We are born without fear, but we inherit it nonetheless. When we look at the greats however, we know in our hearts that we are one of them.

All of us know what it is like to figure life out on our own. When we begin our journey, we get told to do well at school, find a sensible job and be meaningful in the world. But no one teachers us about our own psychology or biology. We then encounter the existential crisis.

Luckily, society has provided a solution for this – sex, drugs and alcohol to numb our existence so that we don’t have to ask the important questions. Sex and danger are amongst the most basic of our survival drives and we are primarily at the mercy of these instincts. We live in a world that prays on our compulsive instincts of food, sex and danger. We avoid danger, eat for comfort and find a partner for safety.

From a psychological perspective, our automatic behaviour patterns are geared towards keeping us safe, so why then do we play with danger, neglect the warning signs and eat the forbidden fruit?

Anyone who fails to develop the instinct of survival has understood nothing of nature.

Truth is there are no sins. Only a conflict of interest between the heart and mind. From a biological perspective, it is obvious that the very instincts designed to protect us are the ones that lead to destruction – when left untrained.

Within each of us we have a wish to create the life we dread – doing what we are already familiar with, behaving the way society expects us to and burying our dreams deeper, year after year. There is also an opposing desire to walk the uncomfortable path of constantly adapting, evolving and enhancing our survival skills.

In my own journey – love has shaped my story from one of tragedy to that of courage. I was self-destructive and near suicidal in my teens. Then realised in life – pain is guaranteed but love is not. No one teachers us about our own psychology or biology and we are left to figure out life on our own. A few broken relationships and a near-death experience later, I was wokeAF at 21. I could no longer relate to my peers, family or what society asked of me. My journey since has been to integrate the dark so that I can relate to suffering and help those who have never seen anything but dark days.

Summary of Interview with Unlockt:

0′: How he got into neuroscience
4’30: What’s missing when we try to explain non-cognitive experiences and truth
8’20: His workshop on survival and how working with the nervous system rather than stop at the subconscious level
11’55: Why we need to train our nervous system
18’40: How to tap into nature’s intelligence
22’50: How to slow down your heart rate and why it matters
28’24: How breath helps you operating from a place of flow rather than fear

31′: You can reverse the hijacking of your nervous system by society and how to get your best ideas
38′: Can you apply it to performance and fitness

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