The merry-go-round of mental health

Stay positive, don’t give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We hear this all the time!

Even when things are really bad we expect darkness to crawls back to its corner and hide it’s ugly face. Truth is we cannot hide our darkness behind positive affirmations.

Darkness often emerges from parts of ourselves we feel bitter about. Perhaps it’s a moment in our life when we decided not to be angry. This in turn means that we live a life avoiding conflict and are unable to learn the tools that allow us to express exactly how we feel in a meaningful way. Anger, left unexpressed turns into resentment and is a fairly corrosive emotion to accomodate.

As long as we reject parts of ourselves, we will feel somehow distant to those around us. It may sound strange but when you don’t express your darkness, others may feel like they can’t trust you because there is a part of yourself that you are withholding and they don’t feel safe.

Of course, darkness is not a place to dwell but an essential part of ourselves to integrate. This is where it important to nurture friendships/partnerships/lovers where all aspects of yourself is seen.

Because when you reach out, you gift others the opportunity to lift you up.

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