Genuine expression of Emotion

Emotions are neither Good nor Bad. But then, why do we have emotions in the first place?

We often find ourselves driven by media dictated images, preferred standards of behavior and selective social trends. However – where is the space to express your true emotions. Why is there discomfort in expressing what we really feel?

Emotions that are mistakenly considered as negative such as anger, hate, sadness, fear are often dealt with either by suppression, logical processing or over expression. Further still, emotions that are considered positive are sometime suppressed for the sake of politeness or over-encouraged by those aligned with positive psychology. In truth, emotions, by themselves are neither good nor bad. In fact whenever you alter what you actually feel, you end up with a fake interaction with both yourself and others.

The typical human epidemic of attention being concentrated in headspace rather than the body means that there is a concerning disconnection between the body and the mind. With this disconnection in place, any emotion that appears in the body is immediately transferred to the mind where it is apprised or triggers a reaction. However, if the focal point of your attention is reversed, you become deeply aware of your body (for practices on body awareness click here). When an emotion appears in your body under your full awareness it is simply witnessed. If you simply feel what you are experiencing by maintaining your attention on the energetic  expression of the emotion in your body, the mind does not get the opportunity to interfere with the emotion. If the emotion gets tempered with by the mind, then it attains polarity – it become good or bad.

Emotion processing by the mind works to your disadvantage, even if it is a so called positive emotion. To give you a personal example – I really enjoy outdoor rock climbing. However, on lead climbs I sometimes get absolutely terrified of being unable to reach the bolt for my next quick-draw. After a number of climbs I realized that this fear simply stimulated artificial anxiety without any immediate danger, the feeling of fear became familiar. Subsequently, whenever the feeling reappeared, I simply recognized it as a programmed reaction of my body. I become comfortable with the feeling. Fear no longer had a paralyzing grip on me. It is impossible to prevent the feeling of fear but now, an unceremonious joy accompanies fear whenever I identify it. Emotion, when allowed to enter the mind, stimulates artificial extrapolation of the current reality – the predicted danger or pleasure may not need a premature reaction.

By simply feeling, you allow the full expression of your emotion in that moment. To feel your emotion in its truest form brings great delight. Even feeling sadness in its full extend without the mind driven objective to change what you feel, brings great pleasure. Experiment with this for your self. Find a space where you have complete freedom to express yourself. Then, for no reason, express different emotions. Be as angry as you can possibly be. Take full advantage of the opportunity to express yourself. The key is to be angry for no reason – this way there is no interference by the mind. Scream, stomp, cry in despair. You will find that it is actually a lot of fun to be fully expressing whichever emotion you choose to.

In ancient wisdom, impetus is often given to cleanse the mind of emotions to reach a mental state where you are able to view everything objectively. To be emotionally free of the chaos of reality. However, this objectivity is often misinterpreted! For those following a path of emotional objectivity or self-control, I ask – where are your emotions? Why walk through life without being enriched by countless flavors of emotion? Emotions by itself are incredible! To be objective of emotions means to fully feel all your emotions while the mind is simply a witness to the experience. Emotions fuel creativity, passion, sensuality and most important of all – the courage to be yourself. With the lack of  mental contamination any action you take with regards to what you feel, will not come out as reaction. When you react with your mind – your actions are reflected by a reaction of another persons’ mind. And so beings the downward spiral of endless reactive patterns. When you do not fake your emotions and genuinely speak what you feel, you might hurt people with the truth but overtime, you get their trust, you get their respect. Politeness for the sake of social acceptance will get you nowhere. You can’t please everyone! In fact, people are often in denial on how apparent it is when you hide your emotions.

The authenticity of expressing yourself will bring great joy to your life. Your mind is no longer suppressing the body. The mind-body separation has disappeared. When you interact with other people, your authenticity will by-pass the reactive patterns of their minds and so – you are able to connect directly to their hearts!!

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