Divine Schedule

Once the inward journey is complete, its time for the outward journey to begin.

In today’s goal oriented societies, it is often a pragmatic obsession to have defined order, to schedule, to calculate your best options and to set goals to strive for. However, fixating on plans and constructs that define your path, give you a purpose and motivates you can be one of the biggest limits to your full potential.


The nature of the human mind is that it often entertains the unconscious illusion that everything will remain the way it is. The mind needs to feel safe. It therefore fears change. Change however is inevitable. The natural trajectory of our lives from our development to senescence is reason enough to see that change is imminent. Once this realization is reached, it becomes foolish to have mental attachments to the non-static nature of life. Once this new perspective becomes familiar, you discover that a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You feel lighter. This new feeling of freedom is essentially – the state of surrender.

Surrender is your greatest strength. Surrender comes from the freedom from mental attachments. Surrender means that whatever you fear, no longer has any power over you. Fear is simply an emotion. Once you become familiar with fear, you no longer fear fear. The mental freedom from fear has an immediate effect on the choices you make in life. Suddenly, life flows with uncontrollable ease. When you detach  from mental traps and bring all your attention to your heart space, you experience “unconditional love”. Since the love you feel is not mentally attach to anything, it is by its vary nature – unconditional. This is the essence of exploring your inner landscape.

Everyone is looking for love. This search for love is often replaced by tangible things. Career. Relationship. Family. Repetitive thought patterns.  All of these attachments are subjected to change. They incur the fear of loss. Earning lots of money may secure you a relationship, but a relationship isn’t love. In fact most relationship end because of the unreasonable expectation of love. Once you have found love within yourself, you stop searching for it externally. To surrender is only half the journey! Once the inwards journey is complete, it is time for the outward journey to begin.

Your inner state dictates the type of people you attract into your life, the type of activities you engage in, the type of lifestyle you live. Overtime, this becomes your journey. The clarity of your purpose is magnified and with it, comes Passion.  You already have what everyone is looking for (love). This love emanates through everything you do. You have nothing to gain, instead the more you give, the more you get. What you get back is ultimately, love.

The unconstrained mental freedom brings with it a welcoming openness. It does not matter, what you do or where you go, those who recognize your inner state will resonate towards you. This is synchronicity. This is the essence of your outward journey. The frequency of synchronicity is an indicator of how well you are aligned to your path, to your purpose. Without surrender, mental attachments constrains your ability to rapidly change with the circumstances of your life. Without surrender, you face resistance in your path. You enter your full potential through surrender. Your unimpeded flow gains momentum and more synchronicity appear in your path.

Scheduling and organizing has it’s place but you are free from the insecurity of change. It is impossible to predict what multidimensional possibilities will unfold in your life. There is no need to know because – When guided by synchronicity, your journey is aligned with your purpose. Your journey is saturated with unforeseen awesome.

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