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Outsource thinking to the subconscious

When identical twin Brenton Gurney, 38, spoke to me about having a premonitions when his brother was in a life threatening situation, I did not think much of it.      Brenton had come to our brain research lab to undergo a series of psychological and cognitive tests including EEG and MRI. While I was…

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Lucy – Flirting with Reality?

The recent movie – Lucy invites a Paradigm shift. The movie dwells on some neuroscientifcally bewildering possibilities. The movie relies on the fact that humans use 10% of the capacity of their brains. The movie then follows the character “Lucy” who progressively unlocks 100% of her brain capacity. Here I explore some of the mind-blowing concepts from the movie –…

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Divine Schedule

Once the inward journey is complete, its time for the outward journey to begin. In today’s goal oriented societies, it is often a pragmatic obsession to have defined order, to schedule, to calculate your best options and to set goals to strive for. However, fixating on plans and constructs that define your path, give you…

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