5 ways to apply Precognition to achieve your goals

Precognition drives the inextricable alignment of events that happen with a precision that you will not be able to recreate, even if you planned it.

To be clear – precognition is not a mindset. Mindset is a thing of the past – a set of belief structures you may hold about yourself to determine behaviour, outlook and mental attitude. The past however, is a poor representation of what is possible. Precognition is the heart’s ability to intercept reality before the mind has the opportunity to interfere, as such, the rate of coincidences rapidly accelerates.

Let’s first talk about what a coincidence is. The term coincidence comes from the mathematical definition coincide – that describes two events with no direct relationship occurring simultaneously. We have all experienced such events that have no theoretical explanation  yet we cannot deny that it happened. In the medical world, I experienced this directly in the following event:

When identical twin Brenton Gurney, 38, spoke to me about having a premonitions when his brother was in a life threatening situation, I did not think much of it. It was 2012, I was in the second year of my PhD and I had more important things to be concerned about. 

Brenton had come to our brain research lab to undergo a series of psychological and cognitive tests including EEG and MRI. While I was setting up his EEG cap, Brenton informed me that he was glad to get an MRI as he was experiencing recurring headaches and wished to get to the bottom of the matter. We examined his MRI report and found no structural abnormalities. However, Brenton was not imagining headaches, the MRI scan of his twin brother Craig revealed a 4.2-centimetre brain tumour. Craig was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit. After a 10 and half hour surgery, Craig made a full recovery. This story made headlines across BBC, CNN and other news networks. 

It goes without saying, modern medicine may not have all the answers but the scary thing is not taking action on a premonition then realising that it is too late.

In all my years of neuroscience research, I have realised that the mind is extraordinary at deceiving us but the heart does not lie. In this post I will show you how to tap into the intelligence of the heart to accelerate coincidences, which are not a series of unrelated events but an innate ability of the heart to create.

Here are 5 ways to apply Precognition to achieve your goals:

1.  Overcome the unconscious. There may be underlying belief structures that create an internal dialogue of constantly questioning your goals leading to uncertainty, overthinking and ultimately – giving up completely. This unconscious beliefs are constantly deceiving us to play it safe, to just stay in the comfort zone and not to do the scary things that are going to bring us closer to our goal. Trouble is, you can’t simply mask this residual anxiety with a positive mindset. Because even if you get what you want – your state does not match your fate! This is commonly why someone doing all the right things is simultaneously self-sabotaging their own dream. Using the Precognition Method, we shift your underlying state that is feeding the unconscious blocks in the first place – no positive psychology required!

Your state determines your fate.

2. Precision alignment. If your are constantly chasing the future, it is highly likely that your goal will remain out of reach! Trying to embody the feeling of what you desire? How is that working out? When you manufacture a feeling of already having what you want, you are inevitably creating a conflict of desire. You can’t simply embody the feeling of weight loss and suddenly loose weight. The personal development industry is plagued with astonishing levels of false hope. This is especially true for financial goals. By manufacturing a feeling you are inherently separating yourself from what you desire. The Precognition Method aligns you with your natural desires which has nothing to do with what the mind wants! Because there is no such thing as “I’ll be happy when…” or “I’ll be free only if…”

You already have what you want, you only need to ask.

3. Consider the false start. Far to many people sit on the sideline watching other people achieve their goals to “get inspiration”. Surprisingly, for these people, it is not that they have parked their dream for a more opportune time to work on it – quite the contrary. For them, they have thought over, and over to the point of overcomplicating the process. This leads to overwhelm and confusion and the perfect excuse to not beginning in the first place. No one has ever imagined their dream and everything worked out perfectly just as they imagined. In fact, false starts are part of the exploratory process. The Precognition Method shows you how to feel safe, secure and confident in yourself so that you don’t waste time doing what is unnecessary until you are “ready”.

As long as you avoid the calling of the heart, you will live in a state of internal conflict – a crisis of fate.

4. Surrender to your desire. There is a common notion that surrender is about non-attachment, letting go of the outcome and trusting the unknown. I call this bullshit! If you are stuck in the mind, surrender may be helpful but it also prevents the natural impulse of the heart to create. In truth, surrender rapidly accelerates the occurrence of coincidences – the moment you lean into your desires. This may seem scary at first – you may think “this is not for me”, “this is crazy”, “I can’t do that”, “this goes against what society approves of”. Hell yes to that! When you surrender to your desires, the opposite of what you think happens – you get rewarded for being who you are.

The more you lean into your desires, the more comfortable you feel in being unapologetically autotelic (no I didn’t just make up a word – look it up).

5. Boundaries get you there faster! This may appear contrary to what you may think – how can you get closer to your goals by setting boundaries? I’m here to tell you otherwise. Boundaries have nothing to do with self-protection, which comes from a state of fear. Boundaries are all about self-respect – how you spend your time, who you spend your time with and what you have no tolerance for. Setting boundaries may mean loosing people you are familiar with and the collapse of an entire way of life. Yet, this is perhaps the fastest and most effective thing that you can do right now and start seeing rapid results in achieving your goals.

It does not matter what measure of success you have, it is your response to this moment that matters the most.

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