How we make long and short term decisions

The paradox is that we are hardwired to make poor decisions when we need it the most. The more significant the decision, the more anxiety we have around it and the more likely we are to make short sighted choices.

The key to decision making is not thinking it through rationally, because your ability to think rationally is compromised when you feel that you are under threat. Instead the emphasis is on reducing the threat response.

When the nervous system relaxes into a calm and clear state –  moments of insight naturally drop in.

If you find your self indecisive, it is usually because you brain and body is communicating conflicting information. Emotions are overwriting rationality. The attachment to safety is keeping you stuck in habits that no longer work.

Learn to relax the nervous system under pressure and you will find that you begin to pull together information that may have seemingly felt unlinked previously. The feeling that you get prior to the brain “connecting the dots” is what we call Intuition.

When you relax under pressure, you may find that the organ systems are no longer in a state of chaos and you are more receptive to your somatic awareness. You may find that your gut instincts may be interpreting the decision differently to your rational brain. These instances provide the ideal opportunity to experiment with decision making.

  1. What happens when you go with you head?
  2. What happens when you go with your gut?

These brain-body experiments give you an experiential understanding of the choices you make. Over time the brain-body conflict will dissolves you will learn to trust you instincts and won’t have to think twice any more!


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