How LOVE Transcends TIME

Any one who travels returns with a undefined grief that they have changed yet the people they left behind have not.

The fact that life moves on with or without you creates a temporal void. A gap that we will bridge by the end of this post.

The Scream by Edvard Munch

This temporal distortion is perhaps best depicted in the 1893 painting “The Scream” by the Norwegian Artist: Edvard Munch. The surreal “motion” of the painting is often interpreted as time slowing down or stretching out during moments of intense emotion and existential angst.

In Edvard’s own words, he is blocking out a recurrent, unending Scream passing through Nature.

We have all experienced Time that seems to be drawn out or drag on forever. How can our shared experience of Time – a vast and overwhelming force of the universe be simultaneously subjective and in the context of this video – Transcended?

Part 1. Time Dilation

In a recent experiment, participants reported a quicker passage of time during heightened heart rate. More specifically during the systolic cardiac cycle at low arousal time contracted while the diastolic cardiac cycle expanded time. However as arousal increased, this cardiac-led time distortion disappeared.

This is consistent with the finding that a reduction in sympathetic tone induced by clonidine injection which is sometimes used to lower blood pressure, resulted in a subjective slowing of time.

This rapid passage of time during an aroused state creates a temporal distance of moments lost or un-lived – experienced as a background unease that there is something that remains unresolved.

When we exist outside this moment – we create void within ourselves which we can never recover. We may not realise what this is but we “sense” it as – the Great Lack. An insatiable void that something is missing. A lack that we do not want others to see so we fill it up with food, sex, alcohol and other forms of reckless consumption.

This void exists as a visceral anxiety induced by the denial of the irreversible arrow of Time heading towards Extinction.

This is perfectly articulated by The Golden Age Syndrome – the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one we are living in. A flaw in the romantic imagination of people who find it difficult to cope with the present ~ Excerpt from Midnight In Paris

When we are alone and sedated by scrolling, an entire day might disappear and nothing of consequence would ever happen. This distorted passage of time was shared globally during lockdown and robbed us of two years of our life. When we meet people now, they are older and their experiences have changed. Even if things are better than they were before, we feel a nostalgia for a simpler time.

We know this was traumatic because people tend to avoid talking about it as if it never happened. A global coping mechanism of mass amnesia.

Part 2. Temporal Performance 

Trauma is simply the replication of past experiences that debilitate our ability to respond in the present.

Conventional medicine does not comprehend grief, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a product of time. Instead treating the distance created by time as a chemical imbalance.

The solutions we create are only as good as the questions we ask.

If antidepressants did work we would see lower rates of depression and anxiety but instead it is convenient to share a comforting lie that SSRI research remains inconclusive and continue to administer what does not work.

Trauma doesn’t automatically go away after a certain amount of time and still evokes intense emotions even decades later. These memories can be highly vivid but it does not mean it is accurate.

It is easy to dismiss the role of the Love in healing as it is not measurable or quantifiable yet Love remains as the single most neglected solution to mental health. Love does not change what happened, but changes how we feel when we look back with more accuracy. We don’t change our mind, but instead have a change of heart. We understand why someone behaved a certain way by observing their limitations and still: Love them all the same.


The distance time creates is one that can only be bridged by love.

Time will eventually destroys what love creates. However, people misunderstand this paradox and call it: Pain. Love does not hurt only time can do that.

In this regard, our temporal performance is a direct product of Love.

Part 3. Bridging the Gap

The gravitational pull of history deceives the body to re-act in the present as if the past was real.

It is not uncommon for trauma survivors to check out of their own body, as the discomfort of trauma is often inherited by the body. Part of the journey to recovery therefore is healing the connection between brain and body.

At the very core of what I teach is the Heart is responsive to this moment. This is because your heart responds to reality before anything else does. Depending on your heart rate you either react to this moment through sympathetic arousal and the cardiac-led time dilation disappears or you can respond to this moment at low arousal where time expands between stimulus and response. So instead of getting easily offended and regretting your words or actions, you respond with love and wounds heal as they happen.

This ability of the heart to respond before the mind does is what I term: Precognition. In my Advance programs I teach the Precognition Method where we invert the brain and body axis so that we exist in this moment rather than out side it. This connection to our body is the weightless gravity that anchors us to this moment. The Precognitive state does not fragment reality into fundamental principals but rather exists in a time free space assuming all possibilities at once.

The temporal distortion vanishes because love and fear cannot coexist and we cannot love in a hurry. Precognition gives full conviction to this moment because we cannot live this moment again. We live this moment with a love so deep that we do not want this moment to end. This is how we transcend the recurrent, unending Scream passing through Nature.

This body is the bridge between the visible and invisible. I hint towards this new reality in my book Hidden World when I speak of how Love prefers Twilight.

You already have what it takes to transcend the anomaly created by Time. Ultimately this gap exists as the distance between the mind and body. The mind dwells in Time while the body exists in this moment.

If you want to know what it takes to bridge this gap between mind and body, watch this video linked here.

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