Holy Grail of all Revelations


Because truth is a paradox, science neither eastern nor western can ever explain it.

Truth shall always be a paradox. Those who understand it will never be able to explain it. Therefore, he who understands is silent, for danger is in explanations. This is how truth has been protected from religious ends. The simplicity is in becoming the embodiment of Truth, without explanation. In this manner, we need not understand the answers that we receive. We need only to embody.

To he who surrenders, this moment is no more sacred than any other.
To she who is free, no emotion is more pure than any other.

To he who honors, ritual can be no different from his daily breath.
To she who surrenders to pain, there can be no more hurt.

To he who is educated, entertains thought without accepting it.
To she who no longer resists change, becomes one with it.

To he who is nothing, is everything all at once.
To she who is vulnerable, is seen as strong.

To he who falls in love with himself, his love is free and no longer his will.
To she who is certain, is dangerously uncertain.

To he who is strong, is weak without his strength.
To she who is not in a hurry, can never run out of time.

To those who truly lost everything, has found themselves.

To nature, each breath that gives life, brings us closer to death
To nature that creates a mind that understands everything, but itself.
We are God, the unexplainable.


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