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2. Goals and Outcomes

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In this course, you will learn about the Neuroscience of Mind and Body. I’m excited because nothing like it exists and I know that the current way of treating mental health does not work. We are so busy in our modern lives that as a consequence we experience stress, anxiety and depression. Often these go unchecked or we ignore their symptoms and push on through, masking the feelings with medication, yoga or mindfulness practices. But these practices only relieve the symptoms, they don’t treat the root cause of the pain. My online training gives you the most effective solution through a combination of tools and techniques that simply work. The even better news is that it’s easier and quicker than anything you’ve tried before:

These techniques work because

– it is hardwired into your biology – you don’t even have to think about it.
– you don’t have to practice because it takes effect in realtime
– its fail proof so you can’t get it wrong.

You will gain access to tools and techniques to sustain your brain at an elevated state. We will train your nerves system for mental and physical health. You will learn in ways that words cannot explain. We call this implicit intelligence where we learn through experiential experiments.

  • Let's begin  

  • Preparing the nervous system 

    • 3. What they didn’t tell you about hustling
    • 4. Biology of Breath
    • 5. Vagal Breathing Meditation
    • Reconstituting brain performance -v1
  • The body has a mind of its own 

    • 6. Breakthrough
    • 7. Psychological Surgery
    • 8. Instinct – Find it in you
    • The body does not lie
  • Intelligence beyond the known 

    • 9. Intuition
    • 10. Transference
    • 11. In the End
    • The paradox of thinking
  • Bonus 

    • Talk – Cost of Captivity

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