Can we self-heal emotional pain like physical injuries?

Mar 1, 2018

Ancient structures are relics of our imagination. Archeology reveals a cognitive history, but perhaps thoughts are not the only products of the brain. The brain indulges in time while the body is left to figure out this moment. Culture ensures that values are passed on, yet less well preserved is the capacity of our own biology.…

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Near Life-Experience – explained

Feb 25, 2018

 We live a near-life experience until death comes to greet us. If we are lucky that is and it is then that we are reminded of the value of life. There are stories that we believe in that keep our reality the same, doesn’t matter how big we dream and how much we work…

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Outsource thinking to the subconscious

Jun 30, 2017

When identical twin Brenton Gurney, 38, spoke to me about having a premonitions when his brother was in a life threatening situation, I did not think much of it.      Brenton had come to our brain research lab to undergo a series of psychological and cognitive tests including EEG and MRI. While I was…

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The Rising – I stand with you

Nov 9, 2016

We build our hopes and dreams from that which creates an apocalyptic future. The starving man does not think of fixing the world’s problems. His has his own mouth to feed. Yet it is not he who starves, it is the land that has been striped of its natural abundance. We decimated the land to draw the cursed…

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End of an Affair

Jan 8, 2016

There was no tragedy, only the unavoidable. Why then, during all this time do I beseech? The question conflicts with the mind. The answer appears without it. You only know yourself when you go beyond your limits. In a fraction of a second, you can become noone. And this being something new, can lead to an adventure…

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The dilemma of the living

Oct 29, 2015

To be born is a miracle. Then what? The truth is beautiful but terrible. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. The trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them. – Dumbledore. In life we suffer. We suffer because we distract ourselves…

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