Future of nuclear families critically endangered?

By Kaushik Ram | August 24, 2022

I was at a workplace conference recently, and a woman came up on stage and proudly declared – there is no such thing as a nuclear family. This is a lie. In this post, I’ll explain why.   A nuclear family refers to the traditional family that forms the nucleus or core bonds between parents…

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Demystifying the Intelligence of the Heart

By Kaushik Ram | June 26, 2022

When we are true to our heart, we are at our most powerful, why then do we go against it? This internal conflict, boils beneath the surface of every person, whether they are aware of it or not. In this video, I will show you how love dissolves this internal conflict of interest to create a…

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Neuroprotective Exercises for Mental Health

By Kaushik Ram | May 3, 2022

Why is exercise neuroprotective and how can we use it to improve the structural and functional integrity of the brain to protect against neurodegenerative conditions and improve our mental health? In this post you will see how integrating the 3-key pieces of peak performance leads to full Mind-Body Mastery. Let’s get clear on this –…

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RAPID Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback to REPAIR Trauma Response

By Kaushik Ram | March 14, 2022

In this post I’ll share with how to rapidly repair your trauma response in real-time using heart rate variability. Follow the steps till the end and you’ll find that the exercise works not only for trauma but is deeply beneficial for navigating every day threats such dealing with traffic, getting impatient when someone is running late…

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The REAL reason the Unconscious holds you back

By Kaushik Ram | February 10, 2022

When you look deep into eyes of another and don’t see your own beauty reflected back – you know that the unconscious is holding you back. These unconscious behaviours are making every attempt to remain un-seen, putting up walls and keeping people at arms length. To be clear – the unconscious is not made up…

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Overthinking: this will CLEAR your Brain Fog

By Kaushik Ram | January 21, 2022

Overthinking is inevitable when we are unable to find a break from our own thoughts. The solution than is rather simple – take a break – weather it is taking a walk, making a cup of tea or taking a moment to looking out the window. To explain why this is the simplest yet simultaneously…

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