Watch this before going on psychiatric medication

In this video I’ll share with you the baffling reason why psychiatry still doesn’t have an accurate picture of mental health let alone how to treat it. But before we begin, I want to provide you with some context.

In 2006, I was living an ordinary life, free of complications until I experienced heartbreak for the first time. This one experience open a chasm within my heart so deep, I felt it could swallow a black hole entirely. It would take another 4 years for me to genuinely smile again. I never sought help because coming from a third world country, I had never heard of depression or even think that there could be anything wrong with me.

It cost me everything to search the depths of my soul to find the overwhelming will to survive. Ten years later, I would write about it while living in a secluded cave. The first chapter of my book documents this part of my journey. The book is called – Hidden World: The Inside Story of the Soul.

Even if we don’t talk about it, we know that everyone suffers at some point in their life. Why then do some people recover from setbacks as if nothing happened and others do not?

Depression not your fault – not because there is something wrong with your brain but rather you didn’t have access to the right information, There is a BIG DIFFERENCE.

I did not have access to the neuroscience information when I needed it. In fact, I had no idea about neuroscience, psychiatry or mental health. Back then, I was studying animal behaviour to become a Zoologist.

Ironically, not knowing anything about depression was my biggest advantage. Now more than ever, we have too many solutions that are either too hard or too confusing.

The paradox of choice can itself lead to a sense of hopelessness and exacerbate depression.

Adding to the confusion is that science conveniently ignores the toxic side effects antidepressants. This is because it was never about the patient but about making money off medication. This is why we have false hypothesis such as chemical imbalance and inconclusive biomarker research. How do I know – I wrote my PhD thesis on this.

Now you may be thinking, yes I have tried therapy, positive thinking, exercise, various supplements and none of these well-being practices worked. What worked was medication and it lifted my state out of crisis and I was finally able to function normally.

Let’s consider why people resort to antidepressants as their way out.

  1. Improve mood – Wellbeing practice requires learning curve ⛔️ Medication – swallow pill ✅
  2. Ease and Effort – Wellbeing practice requires daily motivation ⛔️ Medication – swallow pill ✅
  3. Sacrifice – Wellbeing practice requires time away from work and family commitments ⛔️ Medication – swallow pill ✅
  4. Time delay – Wellbeing practice requires long-term dedication ⛔️ Medication – 15mins to take effect ✅
  5. Safety – Wellbeing practices has a compounding and lasting effect ✅ Medication – unstable, long-term side-effects and secondary complications ⛔️
  6. Cost – Wellbeing practices can be accessible for free ✅ Medication is $45/month USD with insurance and $130/month USD without.

If you are thinking that your goal is to reach a point where you can eventually get off medication and function normally without them, I have some news for you. Medication and therapy will only make you moderately better because the hard truth is the mind was never the problem.

I go into detail as to why selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) do more harm to the brain than good in my Masterclass linked here.

I have worked with hundreds of clients who have turned to me because they have realised this hard truth. Not only did they get access to the right information and recovery framework but some of them who have been on medication for well over ten years felt safe enough to withdraw from medication on their own accord without relapse.

Depression itself isn’t a fallacy – how we treat it is.

Depression exists when the brain is unable to cope with the weight of chronic stress and the bottomless pit of pain appears.

Wellbeing practices often take you away from stress and pain in the hopes that it will go away. This however makes you incapable of tolerating stress in the real world and do what is required survive in this fast-paced modern reality.

What we fail to realise is that at the core of every human being is suffering – the need for more money, need to be loved, need a new house, car and holiday. The economy is build on solving peoples pain. For example, the desire to be loved is met with the perceived promises of the beauty industry, fashion, health and even surgery.

In reality, people equate being loved to their pain going away. However, no one bothered to address where the pain was coming from because they forgot to look deep within themselves. It is no coincidence that textbook psychiatry has no concept of love, intuition or the human soul. Psychiatry simply bolts-on esoteric practices and rebrands it as mindfulness.

In the inception of Psychiatry, Sigmund Freud deliberately communicated to Carl Jung to excluded all elements of mysticism in order to manufacture psychotherapy as a legitimate science. Psychiatry came to heavily rely on brute force statistics. No other medical practice does this – whether it be heart research, cancer or even neurology. Mental illnesses, however are diagnosed through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or DSM-5 a book that has been periodically updated since 1994. This is why, psychiatry claims a chemical imbalance yet this imbalance is never diagnosed. Instead they simply return to DSM-5 to statistically overcompensate for the lack of truth.

My intention is not to dismiss suffering but rather to provide you with perspective so that you don’t get lost in the plethora of treatment options.

I want you to make your own decision because there is no possibility of recovery when you look everywhere other than the inconvenient truth.

You can learn more about what the medical industry doesn’t want you to know about your brain in this video here.

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