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The Human Body – An Instrument for the State of Flow

We work tirelessly to manage our busy lives while taking care of our body acquires a secondary priority. When our body’s take the backseat in our lives, it begins to accumulate physical ailments such as chronic back pain, weak joints and mental aliments such as depression, anxiety and ADHD. By bringing our awareness back into the…

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Lucy – Flirting with Reality?

The recent movie – Lucy invites a Paradigm shift. The movie dwells on some neuroscientifcally bewildering possibilities. The movie relies on the fact that humans use 10% of the capacity of their brains. The movie then follows the character “Lucy” who progressively unlocks 100% of her brain capacity. Here I explore some of the mind-blowing concepts from the movie –…

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Paradox of Time

Time is an illusion. A phantom extension of our brains’ evolutionary development. The architecture of the human brain is not much different from that of other vertebrate species. The primitive regions of the brain still share the same function across vertebrates. One structure of the brain that is evolutionarily conserved and is inherently linked to…

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