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On our quest we are delighted to have the wish of our heart granted. This is what we know when we are kids and everything is magic.

In this session we will unravel the psychological blueprint where some of us crawl, walk and run towards our dreams. We will discover if this is the dream that we want or if there is something immensely more powerful.

So we spend time with the children in our eyes and remember what we are beginning to forget.

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Thursday December 21th, 2017

7:00 PM AEST Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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The Subconscious Revealed

 We cannot rise above the human condition if don't dive deep within ourselves and work through the barriers that prevent us from connecting with our own hearts. We cannot expect to fix the world when the human condition itself is what prevents us!

Connecting with ourselves could not be more natural, yet we have confused ourselves with the steps we need to take to do so. The first step is to be honest with ourselves - how often do we follow our intuition?

It is our state that determines our fate

This platform is a global support network for us to take responsibility of sharing our great gifts, to sustain our state and be held accountable when we fall back on old patterns. 



Holy Grail of all Revelations

Back to Dashboard Life is far simpler than anything that you can think. This is why life begins to flow when thinking is not forced but rather insights arrives precisely as the moment requires. Reference article on Medium Loading…


Irony of Goals

Back to Dashboard   The truly rich person is the one who is in contact with the energy of Love every second of his existence ~ Paulo Coelho Loading…


Near-Life Experience

Back to Dashboard We live a near-life experience until death comes to greet us. If we are lucky that is and it is then that we are reminded of the value of life.   Loading…

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