10 percent body fat challenge with Mark Edward Greenham

If there is one thing that the lockdowns have given us, it is more opportunity to work on ourselves.On this episode of Primal Heart TV, I take on the 10% body fat challenge with Mark Edward Greenham.

If you don’t already know Mark, he is a 3X NETFLIX Beastmaster champion, Ninja Warrior, ICN natural body champion and Cancer Survivor.

Working full-time for the last 3 years took a toll on my fitness and I knew something had to change. So in January this year, I decided for the first time ever to make a new year’s resolution to get in shape.

In this episode I document the process from getting my initial weigh in and setting my target to drop to 10% body fat. I also had a body building prep coach Andrew Young to sort out my meal plans on this journey.

These episodes are turning into mini-documentaries and I’m pumped to share this journey of transformation with you.

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