Dr. Kaushik Ram

Neuroscientist, Author, Speaker

Dr. Kaushik Ram is a world-leading neuroscientist who teaches us about the subconscious and how to naturally elicit intuition, gut instincts and creative insights. The subconscious potential is often buried beneath what we thinking we know.
He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Sydney with 12 years in the academic industry, 5 years working at Westmead Hospital and in recent years, has been contracted by the About My Brain Institute as a speaker and facilitator. He has presented his work at international Brain Mapping conferences, progressive cooperations, schools and public events. 
 As an author, speaker and researcher he challenges the status quo by sharing messages that connects us with our hearts. His masterful mix of science and experience allows us to self assemble the pieces of the subconscious puzzle in an undeniable manner.

In collaboration with the About My Brain Institute

Prior to his neuroscience research, Dr. Ram completed a Maters degree in Animal Behavior. Going beyond the ordered complexity described in text books, Dr. Ram saw an aliveness in nature that is recognized by our biological brains. This aliveness is the presence of our Great Mother. It is her attention that allows us to become aware of our own presence. Dear to Dr. Ram's heart is, healing of our relationship with Nature through connecting with our own bodies. It is by removing the spell of captivity that we reclaim our power - which remains in our wildness. 




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