Dr. Kaushik Ram

Neuroscientist, Author, Speaker

Dr. Kaushik Ram is a world-leading neuroscientist, internationally published author and advocate for brain health.

His proactive talks grip you into a heartfelt narrative. He has the incredible gift of sharing from a state of deep wisdom. His has captivated audience in fast moving companies such as Microsoft and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and enthralled audiences at VIVID ideas, VIVID Sydney festival 3 years in a row.

The precision of science was not enough for Dr. Ram to meet his audience eye to eye. In order to touch the heart of his audience and provoke action, he mixes science with his personal story of adventure, heartbreak and courage. The eloquence of his talk is a masterful mix of facts and a heartwarming narratives.

In his book: Hidden World - The Inside Story of the Soul (Distributed by Pan Macmillan, 2017) he shares his life’s work revealing the secrets of the nervous system through stories of overcoming challenges while providing unique insights and profound breakthroughs.

Dr. Ram has dedicated more than a decade researching and restoring the brain and nervous system to health and harmony. Early in Dr. Ram’s career, he become aware of the duplicity of information and made a commitment, not to simply share information but to show people - how. Through sharing anecdotes of adventure, from living with tribes in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to writing his book while living in an exquisite cave in Thailand, he lures his audience into a powerful world of passion and possibility.

Featured in multiple documentaries on science and human potential, Dr. Ram is the upcoming voice of reassuring hope for the generations to come.

In collaboration with the About My Brain Institute

Prior to his neuroscience research, Dr. Ram completed a Maters degree in Animal Behavior. Going beyond the ordered complexity described in text books, Dr. Ram saw an aliveness in nature that is recognized by our biological brains. This aliveness is the presence of our Great Mother. It is her attention that allows us to become aware of our own presence. Dear to Dr. Ram's heart is, healing of our relationship with Nature through connecting with our own bodies. It is by removing the spell of captivity that we reclaim our power - which remains in our wildness. 




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