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This Masterclass is particularly for anyone going through a rough time or recovering from one and includes a live Q&A at the end.

The biggest mistake in the healthcare industry is treating symptoms rather than the cause. It does not matter whether you receive counselling, medication or alternative therapies, if it is working against your physiology, it will only perpetuate the dysregulation.

This is a reliable way to do everything right and fail nonetheless.

It is not uncommon to see that the body is exhausted but the mind is still going. When this state become chronic, we call the symptoms:

  • Anxiety, insomnia, emotional overwhelm or "can't switch off"

  • Depression, feeling flat, or lack of motivation

  • Autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, digestive or metabolic issues.

I'm here to tell you that psychology was never the answer, because the mind was never the problem. Burnout, frustration and fatigue are all signals that the body communicates through. These are not symptoms but signs that you are simply awakening to your heart's desire.

No one in medicine will tell you this because their jobs depends on you not knowing.

It is not difficult to take your health into your own hands. Join the Masterclass to learn how.

Kaushik Ram

Key Benefits:

  • Quick, simple and effective

    Learn powerful techniques that not only heal retrospectively, but allows autonomy of the nervous system to self-regulate in realtime.

  • Feeling empty, uninspired and anxious?

     There is no need to worry yourself sick. Learn to boost your biological potential to feel strong, secure and confident in yourself!

  • Real World Solutions

    The training is designed to be reliable under pressure so you don't hesitate when it counts!! 

  • Health Secrets

    End unhealthy and self-destructive cycles + recover from chronic imbalances

  • Proven Formula

    You you will learn the revolutionary science of how to release the nervous system from pain, fear and trauma


About your host

Dr. Kaushik Ram is an internationally published Author recognised for his pioneering work on the nervous system

  • Dr. Kaushik Ram is the inventor of the Precognition Method designed to overcome cognitive-deficits and rapidly respond to change with clarity and precision
  • Dr. Kaushik Ram's Nervous System program won the 2018 TEDx Sydney Pitch and he spoke at the 2022 TEDx Sydney Conscious Leadership event in collaboration with LinkedIn at the Sydney Opera House
  • Previously based at Sydney University's Brain and Mind Institute, Dr. Ram was the project lead for Neuroinfomatics and the implementation of AI in clinical workflow
  • Dr. Ram has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries
  • His nervous system trainings are applied in Award Winning leadership programs in partnership with the About My Brain Institute
  • He has presented talks and workshops in five countries, including Australia, USA, Argentina, Thailand and Indonesia

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