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The PRECOGNITION METHOD heightens the perceptivity of the heart to accelerate coincidences which are not a series of unrelated events but an innate ability of the heart to create!


Heart Rate Coherence

The connection between brain and body can be measured and is known as vagal tone. Precognition is dependent on the strength of this brain-body connection

Nervous System Training

We use stress inoculation and fear conditioning exercises to prepare the nervous system to manage stressors in realtime and internally boosts confidence, courage and creativity 


The heightened perceptivity of the heart is responsive to the moment and is a catalyst for what we call coincidences, chance encounters or serendipitous events

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Key Benefits:

  • Ever wondered why some people have it all going on while others simply struggle?

    Working hard was efficient in the industrial age and working smart was efficient during the tech revolution. However, you now live the the era of rapid change, complexity and ambiguity. You don't need to work harder or smarter. Take the guess work out of hustle and learn how to work with the precision of the moment. 

  • Stimulate your Biological potential

    Feeling empty, uninspired and anxious? There is no need to worry yourself sick. Find the natural rhythm of your heart to feel strong, secure and confident in yourself!   

  • Precognition Secrets

    End unhealthy and self-destructive cycles + recover from toxic imbalances in your relationships. Apply the Precognition Method to accelerate coincidences which are not a series of unrelated events but an innate ability of the heart to create.

  • Proven Formula

    Learn powerful biological mechanisms that not only heal retrospectively, but allows autonomy of the nervous system to self-regulate in realtime. Because when you are powerful internally, what you want externally arrives effortlessly!!!

  • Real Life Examples

    I share with you case studies and results of training your nervous system and how this is a catalyst for Precognition.


About your host

Dr. Kaushik Ram is an internationally published Author recognised for his pioneering work on the nervous system

  • Dr. Ram is the inventor of the Precognition Method designed to biologically unlock the intelligence of the heart.
  • Previously based at Sydney University's Brain and Mind Institute, Dr. Ram was the project lead for Neuroinfomatics and the implementation of AI in clinical workflow
  • Train your nervous system was selected as one of the winning concepts at the 2018 TEDx Sydney Pitch in the Sydney Opera House
  • Dr. Ram has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries
  • His Implicit Intelligence training protocols are applied in Award Winning leadership programs in partnership with the About My Brain Institute
  • He has presented talks and workshops in five countries, including Australia, USA, Argentina, Thailand and Indonesia

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