Flow State Protocol™

A program designed to stimulate brain function through brain-body integration. Many will experience the “true” parasympathetic state for the first time. The nervous system in a state of deep relaxation and recovery. Dr. Kaushik Ram’s Flow State Protocol™ is at the forefront of Flow State Innovation


Research and development of the Flow State Protocol™

Autonomic Nervous System

The communication between brain and body is known as vagal tone. Sustaining high vagal tone improves autonomic function and dissolves the conflict between the heart and the mind

Implicit Intelligence

Multimodal approach to body cognition allowing you to accesses every moment that has lead to what you are doing right NOW!

Flow State

Our bodies crave Flow. The visceral experience, where we move in perfect harmony with the moment. This synergy between brain and body allows us to embody this intelligence.


Hybrid programs using commercially available HRV and neurofeedback tools to assist with brain-body integration.

Education & Implementation

  • Tools to alleviate disease from lack of brain-body harmony.
  • Simple yet effective techniques for stress management
  • Relieve hypertonicity – tension held by the CNS
  • Elevation of brain function through brain-body coherence 

Train your Nervous System

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