How do you like to enter flow?


I love when my skills are challenged

I often make correct choices without thinking about it

I find it easy to focus my entire attention on what I am doing

I often find that time seems to alter or slow down

I am in awe of how well I perform

I am often clear with what I need to do

I feel like I am in control of what I do

I am not concerned with what others think of me

I find challenging experiences really rewarding

At times, I observe things in slow motion and my attention to detail heightens under challenges

How do you enter flow?
You enter flow when challenging tasks become effortless

You live your life without resistance. You are highly active and you come up with ideas and create naturally.
You enter flow when your actions happen automatically

Unlike your counterparts, you don't spend endless hours procrastinating. You find that your action and awareness merge and the element of thought is removed when you do what you love.
You find flow through Peak Creativity

People know you as someone who loves challenges. You're always pushing trends. And yes.. you are a pioneer.
You enter flow through Intrinsic Motivation

You find flow in what others find inconsequential. Preparing dinner for your friends, looking after someone you love, taking time to spend with yourself are all opportunity for you to enter flow.
You enter flow when you loose track of time

You are someone who love getting immersed in what you do. You enjoy connection through deep conversations, you love giving your full, undivided attention and you often wish this moment doesn't come to an end.

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