The one Advantage we have over A.I is not cognitive…

By Kaushik Ram | June 9, 2018

Technology is an extension of human imagination. It is has enabled what was previously unthinkable. What existed at the fringes of imagination is an open source playground for the technological revolution. Such is the advancement of technology that it has the ability to integrate with the very human ability of elegance – In 2014, professional…

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Addiction to thought?

By Kaushik Ram | April 23, 2018

In a recent interview with Tedx Sydney I talk about the epidemic of chronic thinking. Below are my direct responses. Interviewed by Tedx Sydney writer Karla Daly (KD). KD – How does overthinking and underthinking affect us? Can we find peace in the middle of it? KR: Thinking is an Art-form that gets structured depending…

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Can we self-heal emotional pain like physical injuries?

By Kaushik Ram | March 1, 2018

Ancient structures are relics of our imagination. Archeology reveals a cognitive history, but perhaps thoughts are not the only products of the brain. The brain indulges in time while the body is left to figure out this moment. Culture ensures that values are passed on, yet less well preserved is the capacity of our own biology.…

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Near Life-Experience – explained

By Kaushik Ram | February 25, 2018

We live a near-life experience until death comes to greet us. If we are lucky that is and it is then that we are reminded of the value of life. There are stories that we believe in that keep our reality the same, doesn’t matter how big we dream and how much we work…

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Holy Grail of all Revelations

By Kaushik Ram | January 17, 2018

  Because truth is a paradox, science neither eastern nor western can ever explain it. Truth shall always be a paradox. Those who understand it will never be able to explain it. Therefore, he who understands is silent, for danger is in explanations. This is how truth has been protected from religious ends. The simplicity…

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Irony of Goals

By Kaushik Ram | December 21, 2017

Love is not governed by definitions or rules So much of our cognitive development is shaped by models of the world that we have assimilated from intellectuals who think they understand the design of life and their paradigm or methodology is the best approximation for success. Problem is – truth is a moving target. We…

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