The INSANE Truth about Childhood Trauma

By Kaushik Ram | November 18, 2021

Childhood trauma when unspoken, remains trapped in time. Adverse childhood experiences reduces life expectancy by 20 years. Childhood trauma magnifies dysfunctional relationships. Question is – should we be paying attention to experiences that the brain has tried so desperately to cover up? If you looked at the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score – nearly half…

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Naturally rewire the anxious brain using vagal breathing

By Kaushik Ram | October 12, 2021

Anxiety has the ability to mentally disable us in an instant however, far too often anxiety runs in the background and the tricks it plays on us are far more subtle. In this post I will show you how to use vagal breathing to rewire your brain from an anxious state and how to reengineer…

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5 Meaningful tips to take your Mental Health to the Next Level

By Kaushik Ram | September 9, 2021

The Australian mental health budget for 2021 has nearly doubled that of last year at $2.3 Billion, yet there is no end to the mental health crisis in sight. It is not that science is incorrect, it is more to do with how it is applied. In this post, I’ll breakdown some of the healthcare constructs…

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3 Scientifically Proven Exercises to Prevent Dementia

By Kaushik Ram | August 16, 2021

Learn to take care of your brain early to reduce cortical decline and gain a lifetime of benefits. One in every 2 people over the age of 85 has dementia. What is not so well known is that the onset of dementia begins as early as 30 years of age. When we fail to take…

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10 percent body fat challenge with Mark Edward Greenham

By Kaushik Ram | July 25, 2021

If there is one thing that the lockdowns have given us, it is more opportunity to work on ourselves.On this episode of Primal Heart TV, I take on the 10% body fat challenge with Mark Edward Greenham. If you don’t already know Mark, he is a 3X NETFLIX Beastmaster champion, Ninja Warrior, ICN natural body champion and…

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HRV biofeedback training with the Oura ring to lower stress, anxiety and improve performance

By Kaushik Ram | July 12, 2021

I don’t meditate. Let me explain why. I didn’t end up studying neuroscience by accident. I got into neuroscience because I was fascinated about the performance of our brain and body. I started meditating relentlessly when I first discovered it at the age of 19. Contrary to popular belief, meditation was anything but relaxing. It only…

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