The dilemma of the living

Oct 29, 2015

To be born is a miracle. Then what? The truth is beautiful but terrible. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. The trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them. – Dumbledore. In life we suffer. We suffer because we distract ourselves…

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Instinct – Find It In You

Oct 11, 2015

Please note – words in bold are explained in the glossary section below. Since the moment the Animal is born in the Wilderness, it is subjected to the laws of nature. In order to survive, the Animal discovers that it has been granted a musculo-skeletal structure. By instinct, the Animal starts moving towards food. The Animal uses its senses…

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The Awakening – Tarzan to Neo

Mar 10, 2015

In 1971, Mr. Ian Waterman, age 19 at the time, had a spontaneous autoimmune reaction.  3 days later IW woke up in hospital and came to the shocking realization that he had “lost his body”. IW was diagnosed with Deafferentation – a complete loss of proprioceptive feedback (a background process constantly updating the position of our body in space). Over…

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Disconnect to Reconnect

Jan 30, 2015

What have we gained from our modern existence? What have primitive cultures been in relentless defiance to preserve? Is it fire making, shelter building, hunting and foraging skills? Why look for food when you can buy them? Why make clothes or furniture when these can easily be purchased online? Why gather around a fire when the internet is accessible through…

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Adaptation – Movement Infrastructure Reboot

Jan 23, 2015

The Enigma of the human brain began to unravel in the Inagural talk by Santiago Ramón y Cajal at the International Medical Congress held in Rome  in 1894. Cajal was the first to suggest that the flow of information in neurons passes from the axons of the presynaptic cell to the dendrites of the postsynaptic cell – “the law of…

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The Human Body – An Instrument for the State of Flow

Nov 12, 2014

We work tirelessly to manage our busy lives while taking care of our body acquires a secondary priority. When our body’s take the backseat in our lives, it begins to accumulate physical ailments such as chronic back pain, weak joints and mental aliments such as depression, anxiety and ADHD. By bringing our awareness back into the…

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