Divine Schedule

By Kaushik Ram | May 1, 2013

Once the inward journey is complete, its time for the outward journey to begin. In today’s goal oriented societies, it is often a pragmatic obsession to have defined order, to schedule, to calculate your best options and to set goals to strive for. However, fixating on plans and constructs that define your path, give you…

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Uncertainty free Decisions

By Kaushik Ram | April 23, 2013

With a world full of possibilities, we are often faced with the fortunate frustration of having too many choices. How many times have you made a decision to please someone and ended up not enjoying yourself? Is there such a thing as a right decision? What does it feel like to be free of indecision?…

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Move with Presence

By Kaushik Ram | April 15, 2013

Movement is an experience. There is great beauty in the recognition of your own movement. Moving is in our innate nature. However to truly enjoy movement – Presence is necessary. Despite the disconnection from nature, our modern cities have an abundance of activities where presence is necessary in movement. Yoga, dance, ancient martial arts such…

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