The Human Body – An Instrument for the State of Flow

By Kaushik Ram | November 12, 2014

We work tirelessly to manage our busy lives while taking care of our body acquires a secondary priority. When our body’s take the backseat in our lives, it begins to accumulate physical ailments such as chronic back pain, weak joints and mental aliments such as depression, anxiety and ADHD. By bringing our awareness back into the…

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Evolution of Locomotion

By Kaushik Ram | September 10, 2014

This post has been Co-authored with Leticia from the Montessori Community. Our landscape shapes our movement. When a kid grows up in the forest, their movement patterns are adapted to the subtleties of  moving on uneven surfaces and their senses magnified to create a multi sensory map to predicting the world around them. Our modern landscape…

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Lucy – Flirting with Reality?

By Kaushik Ram | August 11, 2014

The recent movie – Lucy invites a Paradigm shift. The movie dwells on some neuroscientifcally bewildering possibilities. The movie relies on the fact that humans use 10% of the capacity of their brains. The movie then follows the character “Lucy” who progressively unlocks 100% of her brain capacity. Here I explore some of the mind-blowing concepts from the movie –…

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The Secret Language of Movement

By Kaushik Ram | August 1, 2014

What is movement? Where does it come from? Human movement patterns include but are not exclusive to – running, jumping, swimming, crawling, rolling, pulling, lifting, twisting, inverting and climbing. In this blog post I will reverse engineer movement and trace it back to its neural origins. I will explore concepts of movement efficiency, body intelligence,…

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Fearless Creativity

By Kaushik Ram | November 18, 2013

In the age of Digital Health Care, brain training solutions are becoming increasingly common to improve mental performance and emotional stability. Today, you can download Apps on your phone to reduce stress, generate positive thoughts, increase focus, boost memory and even counsel relationships! These appealing brain training Apps are based on data-driven science that are built…

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Ultra Nutrition for the Ultimate Animal

By Kaushik Ram | August 30, 2013

Humans are the only animal to occupy the earth from pole to pole and are the only creatures to escape the earths stratosphere to explore the earths Auroric zones. Much of the accomplishments of the human animal has been inspired by the evolution of the human brain. However, the human body is equally remarkable. One…

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