The Movement Lifestyle with Rod Copper

In Episode 6 of Primal Heart TV, we speak about the movement lifestyle with Rod Cooper from the Movement Collective. Rod takes us on a journey of how what started off as pure passion, has turned into a cultural phenomena in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Movement is an invaluable part of human development and is especially important under the current climate where restrictions in our ability to move and new found habits of working from home are unwittingly reinforcing sedentary behaviour.

I know for a fact that whenever movement took a backseat in my priorities, my life became devoid of joy, laughter and freedom. A large part of my movement experience came from Capoeira. I only now realise how much confidence it gave me to not only know how to move my body but more important than that, not to feel self-conscious about it. Movement became a language I use to relate to people.

In this interview, Rod restores our conviction to what is fun and playful. We also get a free movement class where Rod demonstrates step-by-step how to do a beginner movement sequence without any equipment or previous experience. Please try this at home.

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