Overcoming the fear of drowning with Bondi Rescue lifeguard Dean Gladstone

On this episode of Primal Heart I face my worst fear. For as long as I can remember, I have been a dare-devil. If I found something that I was afraid off, I would face it head on – often to prove to myself that I can do what my mind has decided is impossible.

There is one fear that up until now, I did not dare face. It is the fear of drowning. Yes it is irrational, probably even laughable and for this reason, a big deal in my head. I have done surfing, snorkelling and even scuba diving but I’ve always avoided going unassisted in the deep end because I lack the ability to swim. I have been so embarrassed by this fact that I never learnt how to swim in the first place and even refused to admit it. In this episode I confront the fear that I have avoided my entire life!

To assist me with this challenge, I turned to Dean Gladstone. Dean is a gold medalist swimmer and Bondi Rescue lifeguard since it’s inception in 2005. He has saved over 5000 lives in his 20 year professional career. But sometimes words don’t give a man justice. In this episode of Primal Heart, I put my fear for drowning to the test in a real world drowning simulation.

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