Near-Life Experience

The Ghost of the Past Self

There are stories that we believe in that keep our reality the same, doesn’t matter how big we dream and how much we work on ourselves. To truly transform our reality, we must change the shape of our thought – fundamentally. The core limitation of – we are not good enough, gets us chasing our dream relentlessly rather than realising that we already have all that we pray for. This is the difference between doing what you love and being of service.

For majority of my career, I did what I loved. I had an obsessive interest in learning everything about the mind from a neuroscience perspective and learning everything about the body from a evolutionary biology perspective. However, doing what I loved was self-serving. Being around a heart-centric community made me realise qualities of connection, empathy, compassion, understanding and generosity. These qualities were the gifts that gave meaning to what I loved doing.

It’s by serving that we find prosperity.

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