Love is not a balancing act

Sudden love

Love asks us to give up what we love the most.

Identify what consumes your mind, what demands the most of your attention. This is what it preventing you from loving. When we surrender, love fills the space where what we think we love, once was.

The human condition exists because of the lack of love – the protective mechanisms that we learn to avoid discomfort and prevent hurt. This is why, love is often born from the ashes of pain. It is pain that guards the gate that leads to our heart. Pain is clever with words. Pain will do whatever it takes to keep you from yourself.

Invest in activities that nurture love. These activities lift the pain that guards our hearts and we are briefly set free. These are often activities that induce a state of trance. We do these activities not to get anything in return. As long as we think love is an exchange, it will be conditional and we will keep lying to ourselves.

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