Disconnect to Reconnect

What have we gained from our modern existence? What have primitive cultures been in relentless defiance to preserve? Is it fire making, shelter building, hunting and foraging skills?

Why look for food when you can buy them? Why make clothes or furniture when these can easily be purchased online? Why gather around a fire when the internet is accessible through your fingertips?

Is there an ancient knowing that we have become unconscious of? What have we sacrificed to displace this Ancestral Awareness?



We sacrifice Connection. An eye contact, a smile, a hello, a hug. We’d rather appear occupied by a handheld device, than have a meaningful interaction. Today we Tinder rather than have the courage to walk up to a stranger.

Generation-Y – we are born in the last 30 years. We are constantly looking for instant gratification and selfie driven ego boosts. Our friend list consists of thousands of people, status updates and tags to give a virtual meaning to our existence.

Come child. Lets hold hands, look into each others eyes and smile. There is no need for words.



We sacrifice Time. We are so busy that we talk in tweets. Our attention span evaporates with every generation. We must appear busy. Because if we don’t have a commitment, and pre-booked meeting or an event for the evening, we experience the insecurity of not being important. Not being someone.

By being busy, we fade in our presence. We fail to enjoy the process, the moment.

Come child. There isn’t a place that I need to run. I’m here and aware. I appreciate your beauty.



We sacrifice the fire that supports Ceremony, music, dance and story telling.  We instead sit in front a digital device that perpetuates the illusion administered by greedy. We deny playfulness for political correctness. We crave being silly and free so we use alcohol as an excuse to escape our inhibitions. We consume ourselves with work and forget to have fun.

We are only as old as we think.

Come child. I will not blind myself with digital distractions. My heart is free to sing and dance. To be myself under the sun. To breath unrestrained by the density of the mind.



We sacrifice Community. Instead we give our power to the authorities. The authorities that educate us to become drones that serve the system. Those who break free, complete a 2 and a half day certification to become an instant professional in the unregulated alternative industry. Self-service education through online courses. You can learn anything on youtube. Where are the elders of our generation? In our comfort we believe we are entitled to an overnight success without hard work. In this fragmented society, we have lost the  knowing that we are in it together. We lack the courage to uplift another.

We are too busy to gather together to share a meal with those we love. Its easier to eat from plastic takeaway containers. Some of us even lack the ability to select the right ingredients without an online recipe.

Come child. We will make ceremony of each meal that this earth so generously provides. We will smell, see and taste the food that nourishes us and consume it with the pace that it was made.



We sacrifice Authenticity to appear likable, to fit in with the global illusion. We avoid tears to appear strong. Men have been disempowered. Men lack purity and integrity for a women to feel secure. Relationships serve as short term conveniences. Beauty is defined by the latest fashion trend. Make-up and high heels accelerate aging for short-term vanity.

Come child. I will remove the burden of judgment. I will not impart on you what I want you to be. I will talk to myself as if I was looking into the innocent eyes of a newborn.



We sacrifice Nature for monotonous landscapes filled with highways and high rises. We are distracted by billboards, advertisements and instant news feeds because we are easily Bored. Social media offers the perfect opportunity to zone out. Technology evolves at a pace faster than we can question. We forget to listen to the sounds of birds, hear rain drops or the breeze through leaves. We have become blind to the subtle signs that nature so honestly reveals. Without this connection, synchronicity remains in the realm of magic.

Come child. Lets find union with the elements. Lets walk on the unwounded earth beneath our bare feet. Lets observe with wonder how the earth breathes through each creature, plant and microbe. An Ecosystem. The only one in the known universe.

It is time that we reclaim our innate birthrights.



Photo credit – Children Playing Around The World.

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