Uncertainty free Decisions

With a world full of possibilities, we are often faced with the fortunate frustration of having too many choices.

How many times have you made a decision to please someone and ended up not enjoying yourself? Is there such a thing as a right decision? What does it feel like to be free of indecision? Our lives are inextricably connected with everything else. The choices we make now, reconfigures the structure of our future.

Making decisions is very simple. It does not matter if it is something trivial such as “Should I go out tonight” or something seemingly considerable like – “Should I change my career”.

The lightness of the decision making processes comes from being free of thinking about it logically. This may seem absurd but clear intuition is always more powerful than rationality.

How do you access intuition in making a decision?

To access intuition it is first necessary to be free of the decision itself. To be still. Without stillness, there will be unnecessary interference by your emotions and confusion. One practice to access stillness is described in FREE webinar.

Once you have accessed stillness with whichever method you are comfortable with, imagine fully what it feels like to make one decision – “Should I go out with my friends tonight?” Imagine being with your friends. What does it feel like? Then with just as much vindication, imagine the other possibility. If you are not attached to either outcome, you will find that imagining one decision will bring much joy to your heart. The opposite decision may tighten areas around your chest and you will feel more resistance in your body. The choice is easy. Go with the decisions that brings joy to your body and peace to your heart.

The choice you have made may not seem rational at the time but with experimenting with this technique you will find that intuitive decisions will bring more joy to your life. The mind functions in duality. The intuition of the body is always clear. Decisions are not fixed. As your feelings change, so does your intuition.

There are multiple benefits in uncertainty free decisions.

  1. Once you have made a decision, you don’t have to think twice about it. Which immediately withdraws the mental attention invested in uncertainty.
  2. It makes it easy for everyone else. It becomes easier to communicate what you feel with others. People around you will begin to respect your “no”. Your decisions are no longer half-hearted. You are being true to yourself and not exhausting yourself trying to pleasing everyone.
  3. It is impossible to know what is going on but – the universe is interconnected. The clarity of the decisions you make now will reconfigure your future.

The technique described above will develop trust in following your intuitions. Follow your heart and  see what mysteries unfold.

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