There is no better benchmark for performance than the state of your nervous system.

My mission is to enable higher performance in individuals and organisations by unlock their non-cognitive abilities.

Performance solutions for Businesses

Dr. Kaushik Ram works with forward thinking co-operations, government departments and leading education providers to unlock their natural abilities. He pioneers research into the nervous system and leads ground-breaking talks in Australia and globally.

As one of the world’s elite thinkers in managing stress and fear in the nervous system, he advises high performing individuals on how to trust their natural abilities and create influence.

Founding Director of the Institute for Implicit Intelligence, he specialises in non-cognitive intelligence such as intuition, instinct and various elevated brain states such as hypnotic, trance-like and flow states. He is the acclaimed author of Hidden World. In this book, he tackles the critical issue of how the evolution of humankind has been hijacked by the brain and as a result, humans have lost the non-cognitive intelligence of their own bodies.

Featured in multiple documentaries on science and human potential, Dr. Ram is the upcoming voice of reassuring hope for the generations to come. 

  • Innovation

    Realtime cognitive flexibility to thrive under pressure 

  • Authenticity

    Communicate to move and inspire

  • Intuition

    Gain the elusive advantage in business and in life  
  • Disruptive

    Learn to respond incredibly fast and unfollow limiting rules

Inspire your team, organisation and community with thought provoking and captivating keynotes.

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