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We do not mask our wildness by imposing captivity upon ourselves. The free live wildly.

We are all children of the Great Mother. We honor our Great Mother by embracing our instincts and our passions as Guardians of this great land.

We do NOT reduce our impact on this planet. Rather than doing less bad,  we do everything we can for our children to inherit the kingdom our Ancestors dreamt of.

Blessed we are to walk on this Earth

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Intrepid Adventures

Play allows us to connect with our bodies in mysterious ways. With the world no longer in our control, the senses break free from the addiction of desire and our instincts takeover.


In every journey there is a hidden story that no amount of planing would be able to reproduce

~Milford Sounds, New Zealand, 2008


Paradox exists as long as reality is perceived from mind derived states of space and time. Abundance and freedom are beyond the mind.

~Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, 2010


The heart is our compass.

~Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, 2010


Once the inward journey is complete, it is time for the outward journey to being - that of synchronistic, that of co-creation

~Wamena, Papua New Guinea, 2009

What does it mean to be a man who does not know the direction the birds fly at night, the man who does not know which animal trails lead to which food source, the man who does not not know the diversity of the plants and which root structure extracts which minerals? Security exists not with men who mow their lawns on a Sunday morning to tame nature but with man knows that nature cannot be controlled. The man who knows the songs and dance of the plants and the creatures and understands their place as guardians of the forest.


When confronted with challenges, know that - The sharpest sward cannot scratch the surface of water.
~Kakadu National Park, Australia, 2009


Move as if there is no distinction between breathe and body. By concentrating on the body - we are no longer concerned with the outcome. We are focused on the process.

~Yosemite National Park, USA, 2013


When we drop judgment and recover the light in our eyes that gets lost somewhere along the way - There is utter joy in simply experiencing the beauty that is around us.

~Kata tjuta, Australia, 2009

Play is progress from which evolution decided to learn.


Each life form is like a ripple in a pond. Each one unique. Yet when we look closely, we cannot tell when the ripple ends and the pond begins.

~Milford Sounds, New Zealand, 2008

It would be fear that grips, when taking a blind risk. To be sure, fear is the only obstacle that may get in our way. Yet, overcoming fear allows us to go beyond the threshold of imagination. It is confidence that exhilarates the body, fear then become a choice - I can stick to what's safe or I can risk it all and discover something new. Confidence arises when the trust in your own ability overpowers fear of the unknown.


Nature offers many answers. The behavior of the wind is unpredictable. No one knows where it came form or where it went. The essence of nature is change. When routine takes over, the weight of natural selection will appear in your life.

~Northern Territory, Australia, 2009

Back to some grassroots movement. It is capoeira that first introduced me to using my body. Before this movement was purposeless. Play bring with it an intelligence that is clever in mysterious ways - play and fear cannot coexist. The surprise element in this playful art form gives so much opportunity to respond to whatever the moment asks.



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