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We don't have to figure it all out by ourselves. The online teachings will reveal and instil the hidden laws that allow some of us to to flow effortlessly through life while others struggle hopelessly despite how hard they work.


No amount of security is worth the suffering that comes from dreams un-lived.


The Teachings


Forgiveness - Until we forgive, we will continue to learn the lessons of the human condition. Lessons that are never new, but repeat it's cycle in each generation. We are to break these cycles if we want to be more than just an evolutionary experiment.


Vulnerability - We do not psychologically disable ourselves by being victims of our story. We instead rise in our vulnerability. The vulnerability that makes no attempt to prove itself nor question what it is.


Authenticity - It is the harmony within ourselves that reconnects us to the energy force that awakens our passions. The energy force that brings our dreams to life. The connection that allows us to explore deeper levels of love and intimacy.


It is through each other that we learn to love ourselves.


Healing the nervous system - Using breath and relaxation, we will progressively re-train the nervous system so that stress becomes a trigger for relaxation rather than fight or flight.


Body Intelligence - We will apply intuition and instinct to solve movement puzzles, play with body language and learn viscerally.


Altered States and Flow - Discovery based movement guided by music to evoke liberation in mind, body and spirit.


The wisdom of the body is greater than any philosophy we can come up with.

- Fredrich Nietzsche


Intelligence of the Heart - There is no denying the calling of the heart. The immense urgency leaves us with no choice but to see our dreams come true.


Rewards of Risk - It is when we are consumed by love that we are able to take emotional risks because love is free and cannot be controlled by our will.


Gift of Service - It is when we share our gifts that love and service become one. This is how we fulfil our prophecy. 


Journey of Remembering - With love and reverence, we rise together to serve the hopes and dreams of each other. 


Only when we look back do we see how much our legs can carry and how far we have come.

What you gain from this experience

  • Feel Alive

    Our sensory exploration connects us to the world around us. Without this connection, loneliness and addictions arise. Learn simply daily habits that enrich our connection to this moment.  

  • Health Secrets

    Nourish the mind and body with little know techniques that will plant a smile on your face regardless of the daily chaos and keep your spirit soaring. 

  • Reset

    Release the nervous system of chronic pain and tension and rewire your instincts so that stress becomes a trigger for relaxation. 

  • Boost Vitality

    Sharpen the brain-body connection (Autonomic and Central nervous system) to boost immune function + regulate metabolism + glow from within 

  • Honour your Body

    Recommend daily exercises to heal your body through movement. Awaken the dormant energy that restores passion into your every step. 

  • Learn about emotions

    We often numb ourselves to emotions in fear of acting irrationally or act out on emotions and live a life of apology. Equanimity is not the answer. Learn how to feel deeply and speak clearly. 

  • Heartwarming Wisdom

    Access the profound mental clarity that comes from the intelligence of the heart.

  • Informed and Empowered

    Get access to the deepest teachings and know how to look after yourself. 

Real Science

Mainstream science continues to avoid the remarkable capacity of the body to rejuvenate itself. Here, I break down the fundamental principles of self-care for mind, body and spirit.

Fail proof techniques

Yes! There are techniques that work every time. Learn how to unlock the autocorrect mechanisms of your nervous system. 


Overwhelmed and confused by information. Join a tribe where the little known secrets of science and ancient tradition are well mapped to keep you on track.

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An hour with Kaushik was full of insight, emotion, self discovery, laughter and an angel card (?) That some how hit the nail on the head every time. His warm and completely trusting manner encouraged an exploration of self so basic but so deep that I left each session in a state of wonder about what just happened. I can appreciate each session as individual, and mine felt just like that. I was reduced to tears when I  discovered a part of myself that was really challenging to look at and that I’m great at covering up. I’m intrigued by the simplicity of the process and highly recommend it to anyone open to discovering deeper self love.

Sarah Reevsie


From 2004, my business partner and I entered into the realm of entrepreneurism (the unknown). Because of the passion we had for the product/service and the trust of our gut instinct we were able to make our dream a reality. But 5yrs ago I’d felt I was missing something and needed to confirm if my gut was being true to me or if I was true to it. Since then I’ve never looked back. But sometimes we tend to get lost whilst on the journey but loosing the way can also be a blessing. Thank you Dr. Ram for letting me experience the Flow Sate Protocol.


Julio Chaves

Executive Director | College of Sports and Fitness

Incredible workshops to explore and learn more about your mind and body. Dr. Ram introduces you to experiencing movement in a way prior to becoming disconnected with the very vehicle that houses our souls. Moving fluidly, naturally and organically feels absolutely amazing! I am very excited in continuing the practise of these techniques for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Magnolia Sithibourn

Dialysis Technician | Melbourne Health

Getting back to the core of mobility and movement by retraining with Dr. Ram on how to approach movement and breath has given my body more freedom and release from the build up of physical tension that comes from sitting + working in an office environment. Dr. Ram is a natural teacher with a calming + magnificent presence.


Inbal Ross

 Lawyer, IP Australia | Australian Government

Dr. Ram’s Flow state training liberated by body in ways I’ve never known. He has shown me that I can constantly push my limitations without risk of injury or harm and has provided tools that I will use for the rest of my life.


Daniel Koch

 CEO | GrowSpace

Dr. Ram has a mysterious ability to understand his clients in a deep and profound manner. His methods are truly channeled from a place of greater wisdom. My personal experience with him is one filled with paradigm shifts, deep personal healing and a sense of self understanding. Meeting Dr. Ram has guided and shaped my journey in embracing my own leadership. His experience in neuroscience, coaching, community development and leadership skills makes him powerful and highly sought after in a wide range of industries.


Sacha Damiano

HR/Client relations consultant



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